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Client Focus: Osmond Ergonomics

The Client

  • Ergonomic Supplier
  • Industry Leader
  • Knowledge Sharing: Ergonomics, The Future Of Work, Facilities Management, HR, DSE and more
Industry Leading supplier looking to expand their reach and develop their online presence

Osmond Ergonomics is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of specialist office furniture and equipment, providing ergonomic solutions to improve the safety, comfort and well-being of employees. It is a division of the Osmond Group Ltd, a family-owned and run company which has recently celebrated its 60th birthday.  Founded by the father of the current MD, Guy Osmond, it started life as a broad-ranging diverse business working in niche areas and always ahead of the game. Guy joined the company in 1975 straight from college. 

In the early 1990s, having hurt his back at work, Guy was referred to a rheumatologist who had designed a sloping workstation for improving posture. Guy immediately recognised its potential for the work environment and asked his brother, who ran a manufacturing business, to design a sloping desktop desk. Their first ergonomic product.  Through his own injury and treatment, Guy learned that back, neck and shoulder problems were a common issue amongst office workers.  He seized the opportunity.

Guy set up Osmond Ergonomics in 1992. Over the next 3 decades, Guy and his team developed a range of ergonomic products, becoming experts in their field.  They expanded into knowledge and information-sharing, producing an ongoing programme of guides, webinars, videos, certified training and DSE events to help educate employers and their personnel. Industry leaders, they are an active, influential and respected voice in the world of workplace trends with a reputation for exceptional customer care that sets them apart. 

The Brief

Our Objectives
  • Promote them as an industry leading company
  • Educate their audiences on safety and wellbeing in the workplace and for home-based workers
  • To celebrate their achievements in the Ergonomics industry
  • Grow their industry research and knowledge sharing abilities
Osmond Ergonomics approached DNPR to help them highlight all they do as a company and to celebrate their achievements in the Ergonomics Industry.

Our brief was to plan and implement a PR strategy using a range of imaginative and targeted approaches that would promote Osmond Ergonomics as a company, highlight their wide range of services and products and include a celebration of Osmond Group’s 60 years as a group, and Osmond Ergonomics’ 30 years as a company.

This was a challenging brief. Ergonomics is a highly specialised area which can be difficult to communicate and explain. It would require PR content that was based on both holistic and scientific reasoning.

We wanted to get a real feel for this dynamic and unique company. Our team spent time really getting to know the company – their ethos, their products, their staff, their customers and gaining an in-depth understanding of their products and services.
We identified the target audiences we wanted to reach e.g. SME owners, HR Professionals, Wellbeing/Occupational Health Providers. We then established a full six-month plan to meet the objectives which detailed exactly how we’d do this on a month-by-month basis keeping in mind the different audiences for each of the PR activities.

This included:

  • Sending regular press releases and pitches to regional, national and specialist media
  • Composing weekly social media posts
  • Targeted social media advertising e.g. Meta and LinkedIn ads aimed at DSE Professionals
  • Regular lively and informative Blogs
  • Organising promotional events e.g. Magnetic Workplace 10.22– a free event for employers on the management and support of homeworker wellbeing

The Results

National Industry Media Coverage
  • Workplace Insights
  • HR Director
  • Facilitate magazine
  • Facilities Management Journal
  • Journal of Biophilic Design
  • British Safety Council magazine, Connect
  • Human Factors Podcast
  • Growing Increase In Followers Across All Platforms
in just a year, we secured exceptional coverage, multiple feature articles, and helped to grow Osmond Ergonomics into an information source for many industry professionals.

Osmond Ergonomics received exceptional coverage with feature articles in many major specialist industry media e.g. Workplace Insight, HR Director, Facilitate magazine, Facilities Management Journal, Journal of Biophilic Design and Connect (British Safety Council magazine); plus extensive regional coverage. Guy was also a guest on the influential Human Factors Podcast. The weekly engaging and informative social media posts generated a month-on-month increase in followers across all platforms. In October, at the height of the 60-year/30-year promotional activity, we had a major focus on Linked-In achieving 119% reach. The special events were really well attended and lead to new working relationships and clients. During this time, we also started a Reviews campaign encouraging customers to leave feedback and respond to their comments. Currently, Osmond Ergonomics has 297 reviews on Trust Pilot with an Excellent 4.9/5 rating. This level of activity and exposure has greatly increased their market reach and helped them grow into an information source for many industry professionals. Congratulations Osmond Ergonomics. Here’s to the next 30 years!

The Testimonial

Guy Osmond