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Do you fancy winning an award?

Posted by admindev on 09.08.2017

Introducing our stand-alone Award-Writing Service!

AWARD – noun – ‘a prize or other mark of recognition given in honour of an achievement’

Probably one of the greatest feelings known by any professional is when their hard work is being recognised and rewarded.

Winning an award brings much more than just a good ‘feeling’. Achieving award success is a great opportunity to gain the official recognition your company deserves. Moreover, it gives you the chance of letting the media -as well as the general public- know that your company is among the best within its business sector. If it sounds tempting, we would love to help you achieve it all.

Small Business Award | Darren Northeast PR

Our Award Writing Service was, until recently, only offered exclusively to our loyal clients. We have decided to abolish this limitation to give everyone the opportunity of being acknowledged for their excellence. Therefore, starting now, you have the opportunity of getting professional help for achieving the merits you deserve through our stand alone awards service!

How does it work?

The Award Writing Service is a well thought mechanism in which our skilled team will support your company throughout the whole process.

  1.   We start off by meeting up with you. For us, it is crucial to get a firsthand understanding of what you do and what your objectives are.
  2.   Afterwards we perform extensive research and seek appropriate awards suitable to you and your business
  3.   Then, we will present a bespoke awards plan to ensure that you are happy with our ideas
  4.   Consequently, we will start writing professional award applications and submit them
  5.   Lastly we will produce all associated PR material provided you get through to the finals & go on to win the desired award

The Awards Service by Darren Northeast PR, Bournemouth & Poole

The proof is in the pudding…

Over our 12 year history, Darren Northeast PR has excelled in writing award applications and we have become renowned for our results. Here is a list of just some of the awards we have helped our clients achieve.

  • Best For Weddings
  • Blackmore Vale Business Awards
  • Boating Business Awards
  • Dorset Business Awards
  • Dorset Tourism Awards
  • Dorset Venus Awards
  • Dorset Wedding Supplier Awards
  • European Marine Engineering Awards
  • Great British Entrepreneur Awards
  • National Venus Awards
  • South West Tourism Awards
  • The Wedding Industry Awards
  • UK Best Employer In Hospitality
  • Wedding Industry Expert Awards

Give your business the chance of being recognised for its merits. Get in touch with us and we will help you gain the recognition you deserve.

Contact us today.