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Why Apply For Awards?

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 15.04.2019

award writing service

We at Darren Northeast PR are huge advocates of being recognised through winning awards and accolades – whether that be businesses nominating themselves, or nominations coming from a third party.

It’s always great to get a pat on the back for what you’re doing.  There are so many benefits from winning awards, some of the many advantages include –

  • Gain your company the official recognition it deserves
  • They are a credited mark of excellence for your organisation
  • Helps you to stand out from your competitors
  • Let’s the world know you’re the best
  • It’s great for staff retention and giving a feel-good factor
  • Winning awards is fantastic for your ongoing public relations activities
  • Great for marketing activities for your business

Anyway, one of the leading PR awards that are currently open are the Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Awards…these are established to recognise the outstanding work that’s being undertaken in the PR industry across the South-West.   The winners are selected by a team of leading industry experts and are awards at a glittering ceremony later in the year.

As Chairperson of the CIPR across the Wessex region Darren himself says “Every year I attend the CIPR PRide Awards it never fails to surprise me the fantastic campaigns that are run by agencies across the South-West.  I’m always delighted to present awards to companies who are delivering tangible results through their PR campaigns”.

For more information on the CIPR PRide awards – follow this link;

But equally there are some fantastic generic business-related awards that are open right now.   We as an agency are always proud to work alongside business awards, whether that be attending, helping clients with their applications, or nominating suitable businesses and encouraging them to apply.  Attending the award ceremonies are always good fun, albeit somewhat nerve wracking when we have clients in the finals!

Here’s some of the local and national business awards locally that we recommend looking into, all of which are open for nominations right now –

We pride ourselves on being one of the leading award writing agencies who can help businesses apply for any chosen award…from researching the appropriate ones, helping write the awards application, even down to ensuring the teams are well prepared for any judges visits.

To find out more about our Award Writing Service, simply follow the link –