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It’s time SPRING into PR

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 08.03.2023

With the season of renewal and growth approaching, now is the perfect time to revisit your PR campaigns and give them some much-needed TLC.  

 The growth that PR can offer 

Having an effective PR strategy is the number one way to keep your company relevant and noticed by potential clients. From updating everyone on social media to having regular features in press and publications, and even winning awards – there is a lot that a well-planned PR plan can offer your business. And, whilst you may already have a PR plan in place, a regular ‘spring clean’ can help you to keep on top of everything and revisit it with fresh eyes. 


Digital PR & Social Media

Digital PR is the online strategy used to increase brand awareness, build a positive image for your brand, and raise your business profile. 

Using a variety of online tools, from SEO to email marketing, a good digital PR strategy opens up an opportunity for your brand to reach some of the 5.16 billion internet users across the globe. 

Making use of social media can help you to cast your voice out to your followers, keeping them up to date with the ins and outs of your business, letting them know how you’re getting on, and educating them about your products and/or services – but it doesn’t end there. Through social media advertising and Facebook groups, social media platforms can give you the scope you need to reach new audiences and gain new customers or connections. 

However, this is not the full picture for PR. Due to the large capability of social media platforms and digital media, many businesses can forget traditional media’s benefits. 

Traditional media 

Traditional media is still a great tool for any business and helps provide access to a whole new demographic. Not only can it help to raise the reputability of your business, but it can create more trust across the board as it is less privy to being perceived as “fake news”. From press releases to editorials, with consistent media coverage, you can transform your business, putting you in front of larger audiences again and again. 


Awards are not only a fantastic way to promote your business, but it’s a great way to boost morale and your public image too! Having your work certified and acknowledged by external sources can also help to build up your image and gain trust from clients, backing up any claims you may make about being ‘the best in the business’.   


So… Why choose DNPR? 

Having a team that understands your vision is vital to creating a thorough and effective plan. 

Our team fully embeds themselves into each of our client’s businesses to help them learn all they can about the intricacies of their work and the industry they operate within. This allows us to accurately represent your brand and find the best ways to communicate with your target audience.   

From our regular team meetings to creating personalised strategies, we are constantly thinking of new innovative ways to get you noticed in all areas, from social media to radio, and even the press! Our team is there to work alongside your business so that it can reach its full potential.  

With our writing skills, not only can we create engaging press releases and social media content/ averts, but we can also provide you with award-winning proposals so that your business’s hard work is recognised. And, thanks to our years of combined journalism experience, we have the connections to get your news shared to many publications, both local and national, online and in print.   

We also have a lot of great experience in planning, creating and distributing successful e-newsletters for our clients, helping to share information with their followers or promote upcoming events. 


With our extensive PR campaigns, this spring, let us plant the seeds of success, so you can sit back and watch them grow into something magical! Get in touch with our team today and let us build your press and social presence. or call 01202 676762.