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PR – Publicising your Business

Posted by DNPR on 02.02.2016

Ever wondered how some businesses appear to be everywhere? On your favourite magazines, the cover of your morning newspaper, speaking through your car radio, plastered across your social media pages, popping up on your TV screen… Chances are there is a dedicated PR team behind them.

As one of the South’s leading and award-winning PR Agencies, for over 10 years Darren Northeast PR has helped businesses across the south to maximise their public output. With masses of experience working with television producers, radio stations and newspaper editors we have the contacts to bring businesses into the eyes and ears of the public. We have gained our clients national profile through slots on nationally treasured TV programmes such as “The One Show” and articles in magazines like “That’s Life”. Furthermore we’ve helped businesses achieve valuable air time on much-loved local radio stations such as “Fire” and “Hope FM”. Be it via advertisement, press releases, news articles, television appearances or radio interviews we have ensured businesses across the South get the exposure they deserve.

What’s more we have aided businesses gain thousands of likes and followers through Facebook and Twitter. Using Facebook’s advertising features we can pinpoint an exact demographic, and have helped ensure many businesses are reaching the right people on mass. We have further utilised a range of social media outlets to gain the best outcome for any organisation, with our motto being: Creativity is key!

Finally, we have a wealth of experience helping our clients win some of the most prestigious awards locally, nationally and even internationally! Using our knowledge of awards we have not only found businesses the most high-profile and ideally suited awards but also completed their entries – ensuring they have had award-winning applications, with one client alone winning over 10 specific industry awards!

So, if your business is struggling to gain the profile it deserves, a PR agency could be just the thing for you!