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What to say on social media, and how to say it

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 27.05.2020

What to say on social media

There has been a massive surge in usage and engagement across the social media platforms during lockdown, with relative newcomers like TikTok making astonishing strides forward in popularity.

There are legions of lockdowners out there seeking entertainment or simply some connection on social media – and businesses are missing a trick if they aren’t there to provide it.

Ah yes, we can hear you cry: ‘But my business is still closed!’; ‘I have nothing to share!’; ‘I’ve got too much else to think about!’ Take it from us, if there was ever a time to maintain a social media presence, it is now.

You might not be serving them in the same way, but rather than leave your clients and customers in a communication vacuum where they may forget you, this is the time to maintain and develop your presence in their minds – and even bob up on the radar of new customers too. That’s why here at DNPR we are busy maintaining the accounts of several clients who are currently not open or trading.

However, it’s not a case of ‘any post will do’ – these are challenging  times, so it is all too easy to hit a jarring note, or worse still cause offence.

Here then, are some good rules of thumb:

Keep it positive:

Yes, it’s right to acknowledge the current reality, but your audience won’t thank you for a moan-fest. We are all too aware of the troubling times we’re facing, so rather than heaping on more woes, now is the time to share hope and positivity, whether that’s something heart-warming or heartfelt, or some well-pitched humour.

Do some good:

People are looking to their favourite brands and businesses to play their part and find a way to do some good, rather than pushing sales messages. Think about those providing goods and services for free to healthcare workers, or making life easier for everyone staying at home – Audible’s free audiobooks or Twinkl’s free home-schooling resources for instance. Even simply reinforcing the messages around staying home and social distancing can be a powerful way to show that you’re using your voice and influence for the greater good, rather than a narrow commercial objective.

Keep it authentic:

If we weren’t already getting used to home-made content before, then we certainly are now. Everyone from rock stars to journalists to politicians are appearing across all forms of media from their own homes, complete with cluttered backdrops and lockdown haircuts. Slick production values and glossy images still have their merit, but it doesn’t mean that your social media has to be. Your message can be real and relatable – even if the reality is your team working from home in their pyjamas! No doubt there are plenty of people who can relate to that!

Make it interactive:

Connection and community are what we’re craving these days, so creating content which invites people to share something, reply, or join in a game or a craze is a great way to satisfy that hunger. Allowing customers to connect with you and with each other in that way provides that sense of kinship and shared experience we’re missing.

We’re here to help – so please contact us on 01202 676762 or to ask us any questions, and find out what DNPR can do to for you.