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Communication in a crisis – Coronavirus communication strategy

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 20.03.2020
coronavirus communication strategy

The DNPR team on-hand to develop your Coronavirus communication strategy.

Darren Northeast PR explores the power of communication, and how vital it is for businesses to continue to reach out in this time of crisis and develop a full Coronavirus communication strategy.

These are extraordinary times of unprecedented change for our communities, businesses and for us all as individuals. The instinct might be to batten down the hatches and hide away until it’s all over – but now, more than ever before, it is vital that we stay connected with each other and keep communicating.

While businesses will undoubtedly be buffeted and bruised and even sadly broken during this crisis, so too will the communities and customers they serve. Yes, businesses will naturally be turning inward as they work hard to manage their people and their processes, but the resulting vacuum of contact with their customers and communities could end up doing even further damage.

This is the time to reach out and fill that void, because those that spread hope, positivity, compassion and even a bit of normalcy will win the kind of respect and goodwill which will long outlast this crisis. 

We are very fortunate that we live in a digital age where technology affords us so many means to stay connected in the virtual space, so while you might be pulling up the drawbridge in a physical sense – you can still remain just as much as part of your usual network, whether that be customers, colleagues or friends and family. Relationships can be maintained, and even deepened, as we all share in this experience together. 

Coronavirus is rightly top of everyone’s concerns at the moment, as we all work together to protect the most vulnerable and save lives. But as our reality shifts so rapidly, there is a huge appetite to understand what it means to the companies, the brands, the familiar fixtures in our lives and local communities. There is a real opportunity here for business to emerge as leaders, to show their character, to act decisively and with positivity.

As the world tilts on its axis it affords us all a fresh perspective and an opportunity to do things differently. With so much of what we once took for granted swept away, the path is now cleared for creativity and innovation, and some may even emerge better and stronger than before.

So, at DNPR we would urge you all to reach out now to the communities which have long supported you – to keep communicating, to keep sharing your messages and ideas, to provide information and answers where you can, to explore new ways of working, to stay positive, and share that positivity with others. 

We are all watching, waiting, worrying – but we can also lead, support and encourage.

Our telephone lines are always open, and we’re here on email too, so please get in touch on 01202 676762, or 077366 43138, or email us at to discuss your situation and how we can help develop your Coronavirus communication strategy.

Together we will get through this.

Wishing you all well,