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Embracing the opportunities among the challenges

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 09.04.2020

With so much change happening so fast, it is natural to worry about everything that is going wrong. But it’s also true that any period of great change brings many opportunities among the challenges – and that is a silver lining we think is worth celebrating.

We are already seeing businesses and individuals, even as they come under great pressure themselves, reaching out with positivity and trying new things – giving themselves and others a boost in the process. Conker Gin for example, just down the road from us in Southbourne, turning wasted alcohol from the distillation process into hand sanitiser for those in need. Or Joe Wicks, the Body Coach, offering free YouTube PE lessons for children throughout the school closures, winning him new legions of fans across the globe. Or Sculpture by the Lakes near Dorchester which closed its award-winning Gallery Café, but started an oven-ready freezer food and essential items delivery service for the local community.

Reframing your situation and shifting your mindset to see the positives rather than focus on what has been lost is a powerful tool not just in business – but in life. It’s something the team at DNPR have been working hard to do both in our personal and professional lives.

We’re grateful that working from home has afforded us more time to take care of our physical health – as Darren’s 10,000 steps a day target exemplifies, as well as more time to pursue interests and passions, develop new skills or cultivate new hobbies. It has given us the rare gift of more time with our families too.

The coronavirus crisis has also been a catalyst to intensify our creativity around how we present our fantastic clients. Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention and we are finding many more ways in which we can help them crystallise and amplify their messages, and more avenues where we can support and improve their communications.

We are also reaching out to support businesses in our wider networks, especially where we see innovation and new ideas. Whenever we see an uplifting story from a business, we will be ‘Pushing the Positive PR Button’ and publicising lots of feel-good stories across our social media. 

These are tough and turbulent times – the hardest many of us will experience in our lifetimes – but those who are open to change and able to adapt will have the chance to not only survive but to thrive. If not right now, then in the future, when the time comes to draw on the reserves of respect and goodwill they are winning by their positive actions during this crisis.

We want to find ways to innovate, to try new things, to adapt and to embrace the opportunities, even as we face down the challenges – to look out for the rainbows in the rain. We hope you all can too.

Wishing you all safe and well.