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My work experience at Darren Northeast PR – Jacob

Darren Northeast
Posted by Darren Northeast on 10.07.2023

My name is Jacob, and I recently had the incredible opportunity to complete a week of work experience at Darren Northeast PR. As a student passionate about business and media studies, I eagerly applied for this placement to gain valuable insights into the industry. 

In this blog, I will share my experiences, the tasks I undertook and the lessons I learned during my time at DNPR. 

Thoughts behind my Application  

I applied for the work experience placement at DNPR to explore the fascinating world of PR and marketing. I am very interested in business and media studies at school, so I was eager to involve myself in the day-to-day life of a media-related company. 

Having always been intrigued by how businesses effectively communicate their messages to their target audience, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to gain first-hand experience in this area of work.  

The Week at DNPR 

The team provided me with a range of tasks to enhance my understanding of their work, and experience the many different aspects of PR. 

One of the things I learned about was assisting with media relations. I learned how to develop strong relationships with journalists, create effective pitches, and draft press releases that effectively conveyed key messages and grabbed the reader’s attention.  

In addition to media relations, I also had the opportunity to create some social media content, this blog post about my experiences, and I learned how to analyze social media data.  

Finally, on Friday I presented my review of the week presentation to the team, and then we celebrated the end of the week with pizza! 

What I Enjoyed 

I enjoyed every aspect of my work experience at DNPR. Being able to contribute to real-life projects and witnessing the impact of effective PR strategies was incredibly rewarding. 

I particularly enjoyed attending client meetings with the different members of the DNPR team, as it enabled me to physically see how the skills I have learned translate into the real world. 

Moving Forwards with What I’ve Learned 

I will carry forward everything I have learned at Darren Northeast PR into my future and will use the skills I have developed to assist me in my education and my future job – whatever that may be. If there is ever a time in my life when I wonder how I got to where I am, I’ll know who to thank.  

While I thoroughly enjoyed my week at DNPR and the exposure to the PR and marketing industry, I still wish to explore other career paths in order to understand what I want to do with my future.  

However, I am grateful for this opportunity as it has broadened my horizons and provided me with valuable skills and knowledge that I can apply regardless of the career path I choose.